COVID-19 Research Viewer

Keep up-to-date and speed up your access to relevant COVID-19 articles by having it all in one place, directly within the Article Galaxy platform. Read abstracts, access full-text files, sort and filter results, and review free COVID-19 resources. A version of the gadget for public use is available at:

The COVID-19 Gadget features an up-to-date, PubMed-based search to provide a preview of COVID-related articles, an interactive Outbreak Map* that tracks the number of confirmed cases, a Most Requested articles tab that will show which articles our customers find to be most relevant, a Resources tab that will provide a comprehensive list of scientific literature portals that have been developed by our publishing partners, and a Twitter tab with curated list of popular COVID-19 posts

*Source: Johns Hopkins University, Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE)


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